2/6/2023 – Introducing ROMSUnlocked.com ~ A platform you can now download your favorite old Playstation, XBOX, and Dreamcast games! Every ROM has been tested to work and conveniently packed for you. Visit the site for more details.

9/6/2022 – We just reached a milestone of 10,000 GAMES in our library! Big thanks to the Steam Unlocked community for using us as a source of games and sharing this site with all their friends! We love every single one of you and look forward to expanding even further! Cheers

7/6/2022 – Popular category has now been added to the Categories drop-down section. Check out the most popular and downloaded games on SteamUnlocked!

6/21/2022 – Check out our Invalid Games List page to see which games won’t be added on the site. Many releases are uncracked, very complicated to get working, or just unsupported. The Invalid Games List is subject to change (meaning it can be released in the future, however is unlikely).

5/31/2021 – UploadHaven just released their Pro plan! Download faster with Pro or use the same speeds as previously.

02/20/2021 – Interested in GOG games? Check out our sister site GOGUnlocked!  Here you can find a ton of GOG exclusives. One click install & play. No cracks needed and all games are DRM Free.