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10/15/2020 – We made some new changes with how UploadHaven links operate. Check out the Help section for more information.

8/9/2020 – As many of you are aware, downloads links have been replaced with – this is just a secondary page in which you need to enter a one-time captcha code, then click on “continue” to proceed to the download page. Nothing’s changed and our system remains the same.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Linksunlocked doesn’t work properly with the Brave Browser (We are currently working on getting this resolved). Use Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer to visit the links.
  • Copying and pasting the linksunlocked link to a ‘new tab’ won’t work. You must click the link within the steamunlocked post itself.
  • We integrated this system to comply with Google’s standards.

➯ Are there any new changes you would like for us to incorporate into the website? Comment below and we will together grow the community and provide the convenience for our wonderful users.

💘We love our users and hope you are staying safe during these times.